Zocialpay - Easy Payments for ZCash

Zocialpay is an initiative to allow everyone to accept payments with a clean and beautiful payments page for any ZCash address.

Motivation and Problem Statement ZCash is an amazing but a great blockchain also needs a way for people to accept payment easily. Everytime a user wishes to receive a payment, user will need to copy the address from their wallet application or open a mobile application to copy the address and than share it.

Zocialpay Solution What if a user has a payment page, A payment page linke paypal.me but advance with blockexplorer, social links. This will make accepting payments a breeze without even opening wallet. The payment page will be composed of following things -

A short easily identifiable URL
A clean responsive page for any ZCash address
An account is easily tagged with a url/name so that it is easily found
Payment is direct sent to users account (No website fees)
No Secret key stored on server
Even if a user has not tagged the account, it will still have a payment page
Each payment page will also contain their transaction history
Users are free to use their own wallet or create one
Backup of Wallet if they choose to create one
Send notification to user in case they receive payments
Most important, offer this service completely FREE for all ZCash users

Since ZCash is one of the best privacy oriented cryptocurrency but it is not limited to usage for a particular audience. Our plan in future is to allow possiblity of users to add their social links such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, on their payment page in future.

**Technology Stack ** Our plan is to make this application completely open source so that as it will allow it to be transparent and people can give their views on enhancement of this application. While in development, I will put this application in private mode and any member from ZF foundation can join and check the progress.

Backend is planned in Golang with minimal dependency on libraries

Frontend will be built using HTML, Javscript and CSS

Bootstrap will be used for the CSS as a framework

Javascript will be served using Jquery

Coding, Deployment and hosting

Coding of this application will be done by me and my team members. We will also be maintaining the codebase for possible changes, bugs and enhancements. We are planning to host this application either on AWS or GCP platform with load balancers since downtime is not at all acceptable for such application.

Cost for such setup can cost from 66$per month (2 f1-micro instances with load balancer ) to 406.69$ per month (assuming 2 n1-standard-8 instances with load balancer)

Refer the chargesheet below from google for the price

66$ cost - https://cloud.google.com/products/calculator/#id=49e020d6-c505-477a-ace5-f68908521390

406$ cost(maximum) - https://cloud.google.com/products/calculator/#id=d644a87c-bd78-4c2f-a11c-eab99498c61e
The above prices are inclusive of sustained usage discount.

** Considerations ** A disclaimer about Credit to ZCash will be shown at the bottom of the main page. There are no plans of monetization with advertisement since the plan is to make ease of use for ZCash. Their will be no charges for using this service from the users. We will also be putting links to trusted Z.cash wallets such as ZecWallet, Ledger, Exodus, Trust, etc on frontpage