ZOMG Meeting Minutes 10-13-2021

ZOMG Google Meet Meeting: October 13, 2021

[Minutes taken by Alex]

Meeting minutes:


  • Holmes Wilson

  • ML_Sudo

  • Shawn

  • Chris and Hudson absent

  • Dan Wolande acting as ZF resource

  • Alex Bornstein acting as temporary notetaker and ZF resource


Dan introduced himself. He stated he’s very happy to be here and excited to help ZOMG, individually and as part of the ZF team. ML, Holmes, and Shawn all welcomed Dan.


ML stated that Hanh changed the payment from 75 upfront/25 upon completion to 25/75 as requested by ZOMG. All agreed to approve. Shawn mentioned that they had discussed connecting Hanh with @1337bytes to explore working together on their complimentary projects. Shawn will post the approval on the forums to suggest the connection.


Holmes stated that this grant would be really valuable for the ecosystem. It gives wallet apps an onramp option via bitcoin if there are regulatory attacks on Zcash in addition to other use cases. Users could earn money without moving ZEC. Gives users a better experience and the community needs more options.
Holmes stated that he wants to move forward while addressing the valid cost and scope concerns mentioned in the thread. Is this an overscope or overcharge? Hard to determine.
ML stated that in the future someone will be able to review these types of grants to assess cost reasonableness. Easiest thing to do would be to approve since community sentiment seems to be in favor of approving and conserving ZOMG funds isn’t necessary at this time. However, this would be a good way to set precedent for more disciplined processes in the future. ML stated that her only problem with the project is the cost, and the lack of visibility into the reasonableness of the cost. ML would abstain from voting if a vote was taken at this time.
Shawn stated he is on the fence, the project has merit but there are too many open questions about cost and level of effort required to complete the actions in the grant. Question boils down to cost, seems high and random, and if he had to vote today he’d vote no but he’d love to vote yes if more detailed information was provided.
Holmes stated they should be cautious saying it’s too expensive without comparable projects. Supports ML’s suggestion to use outside help to assess this proposal. What’s actionable? Need a reasonable timeline to take action. What action would make members comfortable to move forward?
Shawn also mentioned that he’s heard positive feedback from the community although cost is a frequently mentioned issue.
Alex mentioned that in the future a RFP process for work like this would alleviate the scope and cost questions.
All agreed but since this project has already been proposed a RFP isn’t an option.
Holmes suggested that the long term intention for all grant requests is to determine if scope, cost makes sense but it will take time. What if we decided to move forward with current budget, monthly milestones, quickly onboard support to analyze budget, time, etc.?
ML likes the intention but feels like it would be too messy. Too much blocking and tackling without being fully committed to this grant. Aditya has answered questions but not fully and the onus is on the applicants to ensure ZOMG understands the parameters of the grant request, or he can reduce the price.
ML suggested an alternative path: ask ECC and/or ZF to provide expert input to help ZOMG make a final decision… ML would vote yes if feedback received is positive. Shawn stated the same and Holmes stated he is ready to vote yes.
Dan offered support from ZF to request expert input. Dan and Alex will follow up with ZF and ECC, asking the following questions:

  1. Does the timeline estimate seem reasonable?
  2. Does the scope of work seem accurate and detailed enough to complete the work?
  3. What is the general sense of quality of past work completed by this grantee?
  4. Does the hourly rate/cost estimate seem reasonable given the above?

Interim ZOMG

Shawn, Hudson and ML have agreed to stay on between the end of the current ZOMG committee’s obligation until the new committee has been voted in and installed . Alex will reshare possible options for ZOMG activities during that interim period and Shawn, Hudson, and ML will decide what activities they’ll be able to take on during that period. ZOMG to announce those activities on the forum once decided.