ZOMG non full stack devs


There are a few grants that either have little to no testing or lacklustre at best.

This can be due to a few things.

1 - we are trying to onboard new people. It is unreasonalble for them to know every gotcha.
2 - this is bleeding edge things will fall through the cracks no matter how good the test plan.

@ZOMG it might be worth bearing this in mind when you get some amazing ideas and applicants missing testing or security.

I am a test and security specialist. I have directly worked for at leas 4 house hold names whos software you are probably already using. I have 20 years of experience in test, from bespoke hardware to pc software and everything in between. Including HSM’s and datacyptos.

I used to run the bitcoin testing project with gavin andressen.

I have been part of zcash for 3? years. I have written unpublished mining software. I have developed a FIPS+ hardware wallet.

very familiar with bug databases, requirements based testing (this is what we need imo). release procedures, sign off, cryptographic issues (i have found these in military hardware):blush:

If anyone wants me to look over their stuff and produce an action report id be happy to - I will sign any NDA that is appropriate.

ONE NOTE: the pentester part of me , I cannot engage in pentesting requirements for free. I need a “get out of jail free card”.

this is not just you saying “sure go for it” - but what happens if I take out the upstream to get a 100k 0 conf through? I have also done this for a long time and know how to do this so noone goes to prison. or knock out some IDS/IPS and worstcase I take out someone elses vHosh and ruin thier SLA’s

I can provide supporting evidence for all my claims, and will pass all UK background checks.

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