A genuine offer to write test plans and security liason for MG's

I think a lot of the MG’s are struggling with getting their head around the testing part.

as @zebambam and @earthrise pointed out, security testing starts with security engneering (i tend to forget this, i like testing)

In FinTech this is done through requirements based testing (it doesnt make anything more secuire really, it just gives you a certificate you can use to sue people.

I have directly offered my services, and I am now doing so in an open letter to the community and MG recipients. I can word everything so it actually means something in your proposal and feedback will be useful. in combination I can create a basic testplan (basic) which should also help with your application.

EDIT: Completely forgot I write security risk / areas of interest reports too. ill chuck a basic one of these in too. it seems relevant.

I will do this for free. If a grant is awarded, you will have all the costings built in to get your zcash/zec app hopefully the zeal of approval. If not, you will have specific bugs to fi that will be caught before release.

If you need my help past the approval stage you are going to have to pay me. (out of the already budgeted monies)

My post is more aimed at smaller projects, although, there is no reason I could not do the same for larger projects. I would suggest getting input from ecc/zfnd - and depending on project, any similar project maintainer either for zcash or other crypto.

@zebambam / @alchemydc might be able to come up with something similar for bigger projects. - Dont forget the ZFND has agreed to help in this too.

I will do my best to help your project get the funding it needs. (at this exact moment in time I am looking at you @adityapk00 . mistakes happen all the time thats why we have check lists in aeroplanes.

If anyone else would like to openly discuss what the @zomg wants to see for “security” in their project post in this thread. lets thrash it out together .


this is super generous. thank you!

can you provide more info on your background, and on other clients you’ve worked for, either here or in a PM?

has anyone else in the community worked with you in this area? (also, please excuse my ignorance if you’re an employee at one of the teams or somebody who I should know about! I’m still relatively new here!)

Tons of info security and testing related here.