ZURE (Zcash User Research & Engagement) - Discussion

Hey everyone,
A quick ZURE update:

(2nd Milestone: 175+ hours)
• Online user interviews completed: 27 (66 total)
S1 survey and analysis: 245 responses
Public ZURE Report, 02/2024 is available. A more detailed developer report is available upon request. If you’re working on a Zcash project of any kind and want to learn more about Zcash users, let’s talk.

Currently, I am obsessing with maximizing the security of the process for collecting and storing user feedback. If you have recommendations for user research and data analysis tools that keep data private (scheduling, video conferencing, survey collection/analysis, data storage, etc.) please comment or DM me (X, TG: peacemongerZ).

One of ZURE’s goals is to give developers actionable user feedback. This cannot be done without ongoing communication between ZURE and developers. My presentation/participation at Zeboot kicked off that conversation. I share some of the highlights from Zeboot on my call with Free2Z.

Since Zeboot, I’ve been in touch with some of the builders, relaying user feedback, sharing data, and planning the next wave of surveys and interviews. (It was great to reconnect with everyone at ETHDenver!) One of the highlights is ZURE’s collaboration with ECC’s @andrea and the work she’s doing on Zashi and beyond.


ZURE Huddle on Telegram
ZURE now has a closed TG channel for user interview participants that want to collaborate with other action-minded Zcashers.
Purpose: coordination of grassroots efforts to increase adoption of Zcash payments
Goals: exchange of unconventional ideas and solutions, collaboration, support for Zcash projects, product feedback, user-focused updates
Rules: 1) If an idea doesn’t resonate with you, support it by getting out of its way. 2) Be fun.

As Zcash believers, we can do more than sit and wait for others to build the elusive perfect UX that will one day win over the masses. Adoption is not something that will happen somewhere out there on its own. We are the adoption.
So, daydreaming about the technological developments that can be possible in the future is not the purpose of this TG group. Instead of focusing on what others can build for us someday, we will try to answer the million ZEC question, “what can we do today?” What can we do with what we have to support the builders, increase awareness, and inspire engagement?

To join: If you’ve already done an online user research interview with me, DM me on TG (peacemongerZ). If not, please use this link to schedule your first user interview.

ZURE Happy Hour
Last Friday, ZURE hosted its second online happy hour for ZURE Huddle members. We discussed standout Zcash use cases, community-driven campaign ideas, ZAC membership, ideas for an online Community Zeboot (yep, that’s happening), and more.

Right now, the happy hour is by far my favorite thing about ZURE. Just a bunch of cool Zcash people talking about cool Zcash things. Lots of great ideas. It’s coming together. Already looking forward to the next one.

ZURE is working with ECC’s @paulbrigner to extend ZAC (Zcash Ad Hoc Caucus) invitations to verified community members; specifically, to ZURE participants.

Every ZURE participant contributes their time, feedback, and ideas to Zcash. They show up for this cause that we all care about. I am stoked to be part of the effort to include them in the decision-making process!