Introducing the Zcash Ad Hoc Caucus (ZAC)

Zcash Ad Hoc Caucus (ZAC) Formation Update

As previously communicated, the inaugural groups for ZAC onboarding include participants from ZCAP and ZURE. While ZAC aims to serve as an informal sentiment gathering mechanism rather than a stringent voting system, it is important to ensure a diligent onboarding process to prevent Sybil attacks. To this end, each ZCAP and ZURE member will receive an invitation to join ZAC via a unique sign-up link.

To facilitate this, we are using the survey tool Alchemer to create individual sign-up links for the onboarding process. Tatyana has been provided with links for distribution to ZURE participants, who will receive their personalized ZAC sign-up link shortly.

While the Zcash Foundation has offered to distribute a general sign-up link to ZCAP members, the necessity for unique sign-up links to ensure the integrity of the onboarding process requires a different approach.

In the absence of a direct invitation mechanism for ZCAP members, we will rely on an indirect strategy. Fortunately, ECC maintains personal relationships with numerous ZCAP members, allowing us to extend direct ZAC invitations. Although reaching every ZCAP member poses a challenge, it remains our objective. I plan to dispatch the initial batch of invitations to ZCAP members this weekend.

Further updates on the ZAC onboarding effort will be provided as progress is made. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Best regards,

Paul Brigner