Introducing the Zcash Ad Hoc Caucus (ZAC)

TL;DR : Electric Coin Co. (ECC) is launching the Zcash Ad Hoc Caucus (ZAC) as a temporary mechanism to inform ECC’s view of the Zcash community consensus regarding the upcoming expiration and renewal of the development fund. The ZAC corresponds to Zcash Foundation’s ZCAP. ZAC will consist of diverse participants from the Zcash ecosystem, including builders, ECC and Zcash Foundation affiliates, miners, and others, to ensure decisions on the development fund renewal reflect a broad consensus beyond those active on the Forum or in the ZCAP. Additional details on ZAC, including how to join, will be announced later this week.

Dear Zcash Fam,

On a personal note: One of the new responsibilities in my role as VP of Strategic Alliances at ECC is to engage with the Zcash community to facilitate the continuous process of decentralizing governance aspects of the Zcash ecosystem. As I suspect you all understand and appreciate, decentralization is not a destination, but an ongoing quest. Having worked as an attorney in technology policy in Washington, DC, for many years, I hope I can bring some wisdom from being a close observer of governance processes, and I am excited to officially kick-off an effort for ECC to increase engagement with the Zcash community on a critically important governance process we must urgently address together. I take this opportunity very seriously, and always welcome your constructive feedback.

Speaking in my official capacity: Electric Coin Co. warmly welcomes Matthew’s (@gguy’s) proposal and appreciates the constructive dialogue it has initiated. As conversations progress here on the Forum, we want to introduce an additional mechanism to capture community sentiment.

ECC is committed to adhering to the guidelines outlined in our Trademark Donation and License Agreement with the Zcash Foundation (ZF), which requires joint agreement on the clear consensus of the Zcash community. We recognize the urgent need to advance the decentralization of Zcash’s governance and are aware that the current structures must evolve. Although comprehensive governance reforms may be postponed or may not take effect until after the current development fund expires, ECC is eager to work with the Zcash community on a gradual shift toward a more decentralized governance model.

To balance our long-term decentralization goals with our immediate responsibility to engage the community, ECC is forming a temporary group, the Zcash Ad Hoc Caucus (ZAC). This group will consist of verified participants from the Zcash ecosystem, including those who have offered feedback through the Zcash User Research and Engagement (ZURE) Project led by Tatyana, active builders, ECC and Zcash Foundation affiliates, Zeboot attendees, Zcash miners and others. ZAC members will be polled on critical decisions regarding the development fund renewal to guide ECC in gauging community consensus and feed into the ECC/ZF process. We aim to be as inclusive as possible, extending participation beyond those active on the Forum or in the Zcash Community Advisory Panel (ZCAP).

Further details on ZAC’s formation will be shared later this week. ECC is devoted to a transparent and inclusive decision-making process that respects the varied perspectives within the Zcash community. Our approach is designed to ensure that decisions about the development fund’s future are democratic and representative of the Zcash ecosystem’s collective will, while acknowledging the ongoing need for governance enhancements. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with the community during this pivotal time.

-Paul Brigner


Great Work!
Right person for a challenging topic.
For an issue which has a lot of history and diverging interests, it would be great for such a good communicator to help chat an explore the many topics @paulbrigner to try and sign up to:

We want you to be a featured guest on Free2Z Live!



Sign me up! I’ll dm for details. Thanks!


Will all of ZCAP be included?


Yes! All of ZCAP and others as well. More details coming soon.


Great iniative!

A great step for decentralization that all we talk and want on Zcash.

Waiting for more details.


Great idea, good to see that we are going to be polling actively involved members of the community, and that you are going to have direct access to them.


I think this is a great initiative Paul!

It’s great to see that the ideas @joshs mentioned when he stepped into the CEO role are coming into fruition with concrete ideas and projects this quick


All of your support for this effort is sincerely appreciated! Thanks for your patience as I work out a few details for sending the first batches of invites for ZAC to ZCAP members and ZURE participants. That should happen early this week, and I will post another update here outlining next steps.

-Paul Brigner


Great idea :clap: but equally as important, the right man for the right job :saluting_face:.


This is a great initiative, thanks for letting more people in and extending community.


Zcash Ad Hoc Caucus (ZAC) Formation Update

As previously communicated, the inaugural groups for ZAC onboarding include participants from ZCAP and ZURE. While ZAC aims to serve as an informal sentiment gathering mechanism rather than a stringent voting system, it is important to ensure a diligent onboarding process to prevent Sybil attacks. To this end, each ZCAP and ZURE member will receive an invitation to join ZAC via a unique sign-up link.

To facilitate this, we are using the survey tool Alchemer to create individual sign-up links for the onboarding process. Tatyana has been provided with links for distribution to ZURE participants, who will receive their personalized ZAC sign-up link shortly.

While the Zcash Foundation has offered to distribute a general sign-up link to ZCAP members, the necessity for unique sign-up links to ensure the integrity of the onboarding process requires a different approach.

In the absence of a direct invitation mechanism for ZCAP members, we will rely on an indirect strategy. Fortunately, ECC maintains personal relationships with numerous ZCAP members, allowing us to extend direct ZAC invitations. Although reaching every ZCAP member poses a challenge, it remains our objective. I plan to dispatch the initial batch of invitations to ZCAP members this weekend.

Further updates on the ZAC onboarding effort will be provided as progress is made. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Best regards,

Paul Brigner


This is great news! I am looking forward to this episode!


Hi Paul, we’d love to have you on Free2Z Live to talk about everything you’ve done and where you’re leading. We have next Monday open. I’m leaning towards moving it from 5pm PST to 4pm PST regularly because that makes it a better time in Brazil, Argentina, and a bit more feasible for CET as well. Let me know!


Hi Skyl, Monday works for me. Thank you for the invitation! I’m looking forward to it. Please DM with any other details. See you on Free2Z then! -Paul


This is great…
Count me in!!!

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@ everyone

Keep an eye on your DMs, invites to the ZAC are rolling out via the @ElectricCoinCo handle.

After confirming you are interested @paulbrigner will follow up.


Is this still ongoing? (To my awareness, I was never contacted yet)

I was interested in participating, especially because I’ve got a proposal in the race.

The survey went out several weeks ago.

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Check your inbox @noamchom

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