Zwallet & Ywallet Testing (RELEASED!)

Firstly, thank you @hanh for the Ycash version of Zwallet - its amazing.

I’ve started this thread for testing feedback - it may not be the best place but there are a few people who want to get started on it right now.

Obviously, anything Ywallet related is probably also relevant to Zwallet since they’re the same thing :wink:

EDIT: Both wallets are on PlayStore :-

Also - the Ywallet version is a TEST version so don’t use it for anything serious, its server is also not a production machine & doesn’t have SSL (yet). Expect ‘stuff’ to happen, you’ve been warned :slight_smile:

EDIT: If you want a small (tiny!!) amount of YEC for testing, post your QR to this thread. It wont be much, limited time offer etc etc.

Here’s mine, just in case you want to play with sending memos etc :-


I haven’t tested everything yet but so far this is awesome. I’ve imported a seed to a wallet with about 500 transactions and zero issues! Sending with QR scanner works as well. :call_me_hand:


I discovered the Backup page can make a QR of your seed words (click the icon next to the words), then you can scan it to recover a wallet (including the transparent address) :slight_smile:

500 transactions is HUGE! way more than my visa bill


Here’s some fun…its the QR code of the viewkey for my test wallet.

You should be able to scan and add it as an ‘Account’ - makes it like a personal ZECpages (or in this case, YECpages)

EDIT: Just so you know, any YEC sent to this address will be spent by me on wine, women & song (not much on song)


Are there any plans for iOS? This wallet looks great :slight_smile:


Think that depends entirely on demand, which depends on testing, so have at it :wink:


Also, please rate and review on the Play Store. It goes a long way to increase awareness.


Are there any risks with having ZecWallet, Zwallet, Nighthawk on the same device at the same time?

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The use of diversified addresses is fantastic! (The wallet calls them “Snap” addresses.)

(For those of you new to diversified addresses, a group of diversified addresses all share the same private key. Among other benefits, this makes Ywallet’s/Zwallet’s blockchain scanning much more efficient for wallets with multiple shielded addresses. Even if you have 100 snap addresses, Ywallet/Zwallet only needs to use the one shared private key when trying to decrypt shielded transactions seen on the network. Without snap addresses, the work required for the trial decryptions would increase linearly with the number of shielded addresses managed by the wallet.)


I’ve had Ywallet, Zwallet & ZECwallet all on the same phone - no magic smoke escaped


YWallet works fine, no issues so far. Fast and smooth💪


Thank you, @hanh!

I use all the available wallets for Zcash on one device and there have never been any conflicts.

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Also, all 51 pages of my transactions are in tact.

Ha!! It worked :slight_smile:

Just for grins - here’s the viewkey QR for the real ZECpages.

I just scanned it with Zwallet on my puny little Android One phone, now thats a massive test. Its taken 4 minutes so far & is about half way through (2439 transactions!!!)

ZECpages viewkey

@hanh : Found a bug! You don’t see the memo’s if you’ve imported a viewkey, only the txn amounts - this is on Zwallet.

EDIT: I’m pretty sure the problem was caused by me interrupting the sync, that wallet is HUGE & takes ages to load on my Nokia “Puny-Phone” ™


This is not an issue in Ywallet

Seems to be affecting all memos on Zwallet, including real wallet with. Will nuke it & try to reproduce the problem…

  1. Clean install, imported seed words by scanning QR, fully syncs & everything works.

  2. Add new wallet by going to ‘Accounts’, then scanning ZECpages QR code

  3. Switch to ZECpages account, there’s no History or Notes & looks like a new/empty wallet

  4. Select ‘Rescan’ - it got stuck at block 819201 so switched to ZECpages server & restarted ‘Rescan’
    5…time passes
    6…even more time passes
    7…I really need a faster phone

  5. IT WORKED !!! I have ZECpages on my phone as a ‘read only wallet’

(Hint: Don’t interrupt the sync, it doesn’t like it)


I do still prefer zecwallet lite on the mobile, I haven’t encountered any problems with Zwallet, its neat but it kinda behaves differently. I haven’t tried Ywallet yet but like before I never had an issue with Ysimple, always worked great.

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