Zecwallet Lite Android App now on the Google Play Store

Zecwallet Lite Android app is finally here! You can download it from the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zecwalletmobile

This is a fully functional Zcash lite wallet, which syncs in seconds, has default shielded addresses (optional t-addresses), full incoming and outgoing memo support and more!

The iOS app is pending approval from Apple, and should be available in the next couple of weeks!

If you run into issues or want features, please file an issue at Github

I want to thank the ECC for helping me build and publish this. Especially the Wallet team - @gmale, @lindanaeunlee, @bradmiller, @str4d, @earthrise, @pacu, @geffen, @LarryRuane and several more!

This app was possible thanks to a grant from the Zcash Foundation. Special thanks to @acityinohio and @gtank.

The original grant proposal is here


Looks nice, I have a bug with text though. It cuts off the last letter of many words. And the logo alignment is covering part of the lettering.


|screen size|6.67 inches (16.94 cm)|
|refresh rate|90 Hz|
|screen resolution|1440 x 3120 pixels|

Filed an issue: Text is cut-off on screen · Issue #7 · zecwalletco/zecwallet-mobile · GitHub

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It wont tolerate Capitals in the mnemonic seed phrase (you know how it likes to auto cap the first letter)

The image issue I have is when the addy is in the text box, it pushes the qr-code button off the screen a little, its still usable however, probably the same issue as above but everything else looks ok
(An “include reply addy” would be nice)

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Thanks for letting me know. I’ll fix both issues.

@Autotunafish - What phone are you using? (to check for screen resolution)

Can I import a private key(not a seed) to zeclite wallet? Or which wallet can i recover a zaddy with private key?

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Importing private keys is not supported yet, but I’m working on it.


Awesome, so do you know of any wallet I can restore using a private key, non seed?

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Zecwallet Lite for iOS is now also available: ‎Zecwallet on the App Store


Great! Will it be possible to swap out the server with my own node in future versions?

What is the worst that could happen if the server was hacked? (in terms of privacy and security of funds?)

p.s. I just started testing out the wallet and really like everything so far :slight_smile:

edit: Zcash Reference Wallet Light Client Protocol - Electric Coin Company

Looks like funds are safe even if the server is hacked, but some network data about which lite clients received which shielded transactions could be on the server. So the privacy protections are still pretty good even in a worst case scenario.

I think thats basically what the Zecwallet companion app does except in a full node version

I see; looks like its only available on android for now.

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@defuse put together a great doc explaining what happens if the server is attacked at various levels: Wallet App Threat Model — Zcash Documentation 5.2.0 documentation

Basically your funds are safe, but depending on the level of hack, various info about your wallet might be compromised if the server is attacked.

I will soon add a feature that lets you switch the server to your own, so you can get even more security / privacy.


Thanks that’s very good info.

A char counter on the memo field would be very useful, I also noticed it doesnt hear the mic on the voice-2-text

There’s no character count because there is no limit on the size of memos sent. Zecwallet can send any length memos.

Is that by creating multiple txs or an internal zec wallet messaging feature? (I assume the former)
Im sure I read that but can’t remember
Also being able to copy out of the older memo fields (like if there were an address in there) it would be useful
Im sorry haven’t played with it more, been kinda busy

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Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate it. I will add the features to the wallet.