0 confirmation after 2.5 hours with 0.0001 fee

What’s happening with zcash? I sent a payment 0f 1.22 ZEC to Bittrex and looking in any blockchain explorer I see 0 confirmations after 2 hours 30 minutes. In the past it always cleared in a few minutes by paying half that fee. This was zcash that I received from a pool where I am mining. Is this a global problem right now.

i use Zcash4win 1.0.11


It looks like your transaction has alot of small inputs, it will take longer to verify because it has so many small transactions.

You should consider changing your minimum payout to be .5 or .1 so you have less inputs to spend. The longer wait you are experiencing is due to some mining pools like Flypool not accepting such large transactions, so you have to wait for a small pool to find a block to add your transaction.

Don’t worry, your funds are not lost they will get confirmed eventually, typically within 48hrs.

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Why many small transactions? Where so you see that? I just sent one single payment. Now it is confirmed!

If you look at the link you posted it has over 114 inputs of 0.01 to make up your total amount. Those are your mining payouts that have to be combined into one to be able to send.

The more inputs, the larger the transaction, the longer it will take to be confirmed by the network.