30 confirmations for Zcash transaction?

Just today, few hours back I noticed that the Credit Transactions in wallet are now having 30 confirmations? This is delaying the credit of Zcash in wallet to hours now… Anyone else noticed it? I am using bittrex wallet and can see confirmations 0/30 on many of the credits that is being received from mining from flypool.org pool…

I had similar problem today. My payout transaction from flypool literally dissappeared into nothingness (page not found on blockchain) for like 2.5 hours, after which magically appeared again. I was sending it to polo deposit address, and I could already see it there with 0/24 confirmations, so it means it had to be on blockchain at least for a moment, but got stuck on 0/24 for hours. So like - it appeared on blockchain, polo picked it up, then it dissapeared from blockchain for 2.5 hours, and then appeared again. Weird.

If the graphs on flypool went down (though your machine was UP and running without any problem, it is very much possible that the miner was mining for developer. I too had that problem and when I checked the system, all miner commands scripts were in PURPLE COLOR and it was clearly written DEV MODE. This happened with claymore miner and it was about 5 hours!

However, I believe, this has nothing to do with the CONFIRMATION counts. Looks like Transaction confirmations has been increased. This may be due to lots of mining and the difficulty level easing out. People are getting lots of coins now, so confirmation level may have gone UP.

It is suggested to increase the coin PAYOUT to more… like 0.05 ZEC, I kept the same. Earlier I kept at 0.012, but lots of coins and transactions were coming as my hashrate is like 7.5 kH/s. So, If your hashrate is around 2 k/Hs or 2000 Sol/s, keep the payout to 0.02… this will help in faster confirmations as lesser transactions will be there!

Nah, I have like 500 sols, so the 0.01 payouts are not very often, like every 4 hours or so. And I’m not using Claymore but Optiminer. Anyway, I think I partially might know what happened. My transaction was only in a state of being broadcasted to peers=it had 0 confirmations=was not on the blockchain yet. Poloniex picked it up because they are running zcash node. But for some reason miners rejected this transaction (and it couldn’t have been because of the fee, fee was 0.0001 ZEC as in all payout transactions from flypool), it was stuck like this for 2.5 hours. With 0 confirmations it’s not on blockchain, so blockchain explorer doesn’t see it. Then it was finally picked up by some miner and confirmed into a blockchain.

I just realized my issue is totally unrelated to yours, sorry :blush: