Freaking out, I sent zcash with 0 tx fee(zcash4win)

I used zcash4win to send 0.01ZEC (I know not much but still), from my T address to my Z address and set 0 miner tx fee and 0 dev fee. I don’t know why I set 0 fee but did I just lose my ZEC?

Never mind, I’m getting confirmations, so um if people confirm with 0 fee why do people use the 0.0001 or something fee?

Because with no fee it can sometime take days for the transaction to show confirmations… or of course you can have what happened to me happen… have a transaction with 700+ confirmations that still has not shown up in my cryptonator account…

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Hmm, I’ll make sure I use the standard fee for transferring to exchanges, but when transferring from my T address (to which I mine to) to my Z address, I’ll use 0 fee since it works anyway. I don’t mind the wait as long as it works :slight_smile:

That i would say your fine with but anything else i would at least use the default fee… I had a minuscule amount of ZEC i wanted to send to a different account i didn’t attach a fee since it was so little of an amount and it didn’t end up showing up for days…

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@Hannibal Wait it did show up in the end right? I’m a noob at this stuff sorry.

Yes eventually it did show up took forever though

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