1 ZEC Open (DotA 2 BO3, Feb 1)

I think this could be a lot of fun, and might be an awesome way to distribute Zcash while creating an original entertainment project. I’d love to see and feel out firsthand the intersection of Zcash and Esports. I’m starting small, looking for 9 more players (plus alternates) to play a BO3 this Friday, Feb 1, starting at 7PM CST.

Sign up:


if it’s fun and goes well, maybe I’ll continue holding tournaments, maybe expand idk :slight_smile:

Any feedback or help promoting is appreciated. (much harder than I expected to pay people to play video games) Thanks and love to the Zcash community!


this is maybe the nerdiest thing ever conceived of…

and it’s beautiful :mage:

Sounds fun, I bet plenty of us have nice video cards to build a gaming rig!!