10,000+ zec in the Orchard pool!

We just recently passed the 10,000 zec milestone of coins that have been transferred into the trustless orchard pool!

This is a huge milestone! Especially because most people have currently only been able to transfer via the zec full node CL interface.

Hopefully, with the hard work from @adityapk00 , @zancas and co who are working on GUI desktop wallets (both full node and light), there will be wallets released that automatically transfer transparent coins into the orchard pool! (any shielded coins in the sapling pool will have to be manually sent to a transparent address before the wallet will auto-shield them into the orchard pool).

We pretty much never have had more than 800k in a shielded pool before, so hopefully once there are desktop full node and light GUI wallets with auto-shield, this 10k number will quickly skyrocket past that previous record from sapling.

But 10k under current limitations is great!


For the record, @AloeareV has written almost all of the Orchard port-to-wallet code thus far!