Block reward to Orchard Pool

This is an idea i’ve floated a couple of times and there seems to be some support for it so I thought it deserves its own topic.

I want a chunk of the block reward paid out to those who hold zec in orchard pool. In my opinion it would have much benefit to the ecosystem.

  1. It would increase adoption for the orchard pool, shielding more zec.
  2. Being able to earn interest on your holdings would do a lot to stem the sell pressure zec faces from miners and dev fund recipients
  3. An increased token price would relieve budget constraints that ECC and ZF face reducing the necessity for them to increase their share of the block reward

Obviously there are a few questions I cannot fully gauge myself

  1. Is it feasibly possible to even do this and retain privacy?
  2. What are the legal implications of this?
  3. Can it be implemented before the halving to tie in nicely with dev fund re-org?

I would love to get some comment from technically minded people and some people from ECC and ZF. Thanks

  1. This is sort of the issue with the namada shielded airdrop. Since the addresses don’t appear on chain, the only way to prove ownership of any shielded funds is to prove spend authority over a declared amount in a declared address. Though, say you agreed to reveal your private key or some proof of it somehow, and all of the notes in question, in exchange for micropayments on interest: there’s the issue of zip 317 and consolidation of note values that are not worth spending i.e. < 5000 zat.
  2. God only knows. Prolly better sticking with something more traditional lile Grayscale and let them pay for lawyers.
  3. On the protocal level, its not really feasible at all.
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Highly support this if possible