1080 ti difference

I recently added a second 1080 ti to my rig. Im using efwb with ethos and noticed that my new card performs better than my old one. Im getting about 2.5 sol/w with my old one and 3 with my new one. They are both asus strix, the old one is the oc version. Im using global settings amd have the core at 1950 and memory at 5470. Powertune is 2.

One odd abnormality i noticed is that the old gpus fans come on at startup for a few seconds, the new one does not. I switched pci ports to rule that out as the cause.

Is this just the result if silicone lottery? Or am i missing something?

Use the CPUID program, I bet they use different brands of ram. Not all ram is created equal.

Yes, and
one of them you have your monitor plugged into, the other one you do not.

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Each GPU has different performance properties due to the variation in the silicon wafer fabrication process.

As CitricAcid pointed out your video output GPU will always have less performance, as it is also processing video output, even in a headless configuration. My 1080ti’s GPU’s range from 720Sol/s to 790Sol/sec. I do have a rig I converted to deep learning AI via Tensor Flow and it is running full compute mode on all GPU’s and using the mobo video output. However, due to the the way Nvidia implemented the xorg in its drivers, I am uncertain this can be done with a miner… but I am working on it.

You will also notice that each GPU runs at a different temperature. You can blast cool air at them but they will still settle out at different temperatures. Again, due to the variation in the silicon fabrication. You cant really achieve even performance between GPU’s, but you can optimize each GPU’s performance via over clock, memory over clock, and power throttling. Each GPU has a sweet spot that can get you up to 790Sol/sec. Not all GPU’s will go this high but most 1080ti’s easily make 750-760Sol/s.

Power throttling can get you even temperature on your GPU’s. All my 1080ti rigs auto power cycle and seek a set point temp to ±1C.

This is very handy as when the power setting varies outside of daily and seasonal variation, its time to replace the fan or blow the dust off the heat exchange fins.

You can also auto seek the sweet spot for a GPU but you will need to write the code to do this in Windows.


This thought crossed my mind, so i plugged my monitor into the better performer, same output

Very good info, thanks. Im using ethos so I am slightly limited as to my settings. I am still bamboozled about the higher watt card kicking its fan on as I POST. I dint think it affects anything but it sure is bizzare. Any idea what could cause this?

You have to run your fans at 100% to get those wattages and performance or the temps will be too high. All my 1080ti rigs fans run at 100% 24/7.

Interesting, Im assuming your running hotter due to having multiple in close proximity. Im at 70% fan, use a little more watts but stay around 50c.

I think i found the difference. Its the bios version

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Way to hunt that rabbit down!! :clap::clap::clap::+1: