Assistance Regarding GPU Sol/s And Settings

Hey everyone, first post here so apologies if I miss anything at first.
I just wanted to ask whether the Sol/s and GPU Temperatures I am getting are normal? Basically, does the Sol/s output make sense when looking at the temperatures and Afterburner settings?
The reason I ask this is because I see most people struggle/try to get their GPU temps below 80°c.
My GPU temps averages out at 60°c and never goes above 70°c (this is just when the room gets the morning sun and becomes a bit warmer.
I am running 5 MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X 11gb cards and at the moment they are outputting around 700-750 Sol/s on the EWBF CUDA Zcash miner, and it seems to me that they aren’t working as hard as they should/could be.

From my research, that hashrate is pretty decent for a tweaked and OC’d 1080 8gb (non-Ti). I have fiddled around with MSI Afterburner and here are my settings:

Core Voltage: Default untouched.
Power Limit (%): 95
Temp.Limit (°c): 83
Core Clock (MHz): +50
Memory Clock (MHz): +1000/Max
Fan Speed (%): 80

I don’t claim by any means that these settings are anywhere near optimal or even sensible, these settings are just what got the cards above 700 Sol/s.

Please let me know if I can provide any other sources of information regarding my rig and settings!
Thanks in advance for the assistance!

1080 Ti’s range from 700-750. So you’re exactly where you should be in terms of Sol/s. You might be able to squeeze out the same Sol/s with a lower Power Limit but you’d have to play with the OC settings a bit.

For the record, regular 1080’s (non-Ti’s) get between 550-650. Not sure where you got the impression they get close to the 700 mark.

Hey thanks for the reply. I had read a couple people saying that their 1080s were getting around 730 sol/s but that doesn’t really matter. I’m just a bit confused as to why I see so many people struggling with keeping their temps low when I only reach around 75°c when I max out my Power Limit? I’m obviously not complaining:sweat_smile: I just like to know why things are the way they are, even when they’re not causing a problem!

Usually it is poor ventilation/lack of custom/manual fan settings.

I run my 1080 Ti’s at 98% power, but with a box fan on low, and manual fan speed set at 65%, I never really move above 62C on any card. When I started out using the preset fan curves, I was routinely in the low-mid 70s at lower power settings. Eventually, most folks figure it out.

Thanks for the reply! It’s taken a lot off my chest knowing that I’m at least on the right track. At the moment I’ve just been having trouble with consistency in terms of keeping the rig running at all times. Twice now the rig has restarted (I suspect Windows updates) and earlier today the miner just stopped working, no error codes, no nothing. One minute it was going fine and then nothing was happening! I’ve disabled Windows Updates, but I am stumped as to why the miner just stopped. Is there some kind of error/fault log I can look at?

Regarding system crashes, I downloaded Blue Screen View. This is a very easy-to-use program that will allow you to identify the causes of any system hangs (blue screen crashes) and quickly figure out what thing(s) are likely at fault.

Windows Update is a bit of an impediment to long, consistent mining sessions. I followed most of the advice on this post by CryptoYeti and have had no issues since. Ultimately what you need to prevent are the Auto Restarts. With my settings, all updates (minus drivers) are downloaded, but they aren’t installed without user action. I found this was good enough for me (I typically have no issues running for a full week, at which point I install accumulated updates after verifying there are no issues on the forums, and do a fresh restart. You need not follow this schedule; it’s just what I do).

I had some issues with the mining software (I use EWBF) related to my anti-virus program (it flagged the miner as malware). I made an exception for the mining software folder to get around this one, but this doesn’t sound like your issue, as before I did this, I couldn’t even get the miner to start.

I know with EWBF, it’s possible to have the miner output written to a text file. You can even specify what you want recorded (e.g., full stream, error messages only…I think there are 3 settings that are detailed in the documentation). I have no experience with other miners and cannot comment on them. That might be a good thing to configure while you work to diagnose your problems.

Out of curiosity…what are your system specs( to include # of GPUs and types).

Thanks so much for such an informative response. I will definitely follow that link you gave me! It doesn’t ever seem like a typical “error” because when I go check what’s wrong, the screen is just waiting for my Windows password to get into my desktop, as if the rig restarted itself.

Here are my specs:
GPU: 5x MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X 11gb
CPU: Intel Pentium G4000 - 3.50GHz (I couldn’t get the G4560)
Motherboard: ASUS LGA1151 DDR4 B250 Mining Expert
RAM: Ballistix 8gb stick
OS: Windows 10 trial
Miner: EWBF CUDA Zcash Miner

Here are the Afterburner settings I was using during the crashes (I’m trying to just run stock standard for now):
Power Limit: 110%
Temp. Limit: 84°
Core Clock: +50
Memory Clock: +800
Fan Speed: 80%

Something weird I also just found out is if I click on the Miner cmd screen (like, to highlight things or even just to move the flickering cursor) the miner will stop. Now, I’m not sure if the actual program stops working, but nothing happens from there on. The miner isn’t frozen and the text cursor (I forgot the name) continues to flicker and I can move the window around and everything but no more new information is displayed afterwards.

How are you powering the rig?

Based on what you listed, I expect that:

275W @ 100% -> ~305W @ 110%/card x 5
= 1525 W for GPUs

~200W for auxiliary components

/ .92 for a good power supply

= ~ 1900W at the wall. (This is just approximate). Typically, you don’t want to run at 100% of the PSU power supply, so it would be recommended to have around 2200W for the setup and parameters you’re discussing. Is this close to what you’re using?

If Blue Screen View shows no dump files have been created, then it very well could be Update related; however, following a crash, you’d come back to the same login screen most times.

Apologies I always forget something when listing specs. I’m using a 3000w psu at the moment. Planning on expanding quite a bit and it was actually cheaper to buy and import than to buy anything else locally.