1080 ti FE stock temperature

Hi. I plan on running 2x 1080 ti FE for about 10 days while I’m on vacation. Been testing it out for a day and right now am getting 1.2-1.3k sol/sec with a consistent 84c on both cars.

How dangerous is this given that I’ll be letting it run for 10 days? When it comes to the safety of my card?

I can see that most people do believe that above 80c is not good but I can’t seem to find a consensus when it comes to my cards running in stock settings.

A bit dangerous for me… 80° is too hot!
try 85% TPD + 80% fan

I’m assuming these settings are changeable in the Nvidia settings with Linux?

in Windows 10 yes!
Linux ?

How do I do it on windows?


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thanks man!! I owe you one. Currently kept the power limit at 100% but changed the fan speed to a custom range. Nvidia default throttles that to 50% so I wasn’t getting a faster speed for it.

One more thing…Should I just leave it at 80% like you suggested or keep a custom range? I’m going with a custom range in hopes of saving the lifespan of the fan…and possibly electricity.

try few hours @50% and check °C
try to stay under 70°C

Go with 80 % fans no problem they 'll resist :slight_smile: just stay unde 70°C