Msi 1080Ti Duke Help .!?

Hello guys i got problem over here with my msi 1080 ti duke i used msi afterburner

my problem is unstable profit all the time it keep going up and down most of the time

i heard that 1080 ti gpu should get over 630 sols my 2x 1080 ti reach 1100-1200 not more

when i start used it in mining Temp was linked with power in msi after burner my temp gose 80-84

so i unlinked temp with power and i made temp in low lvl 65 you`ll see every thing in screenshot

is that normal that 2x1080ti earn 5.10-5.40 per day with nicehas miner .!

let you guys with screenshots


You should use EWBF’s CUDA miner 0.3.4b for better performance

yes use EWBF miner. and you should make your fan speed go above 75% not at stock fan curve that is made for “normal” usage

I have those same cards - the settings I use with the EWBF miner are
Power Limit - 80 or 85
Core Clock +200
Memory Clock +550
Fan Speed on 70

With those settings the two cards combined will run about 750 sol/sec each and stay in the 58-60 degree range (depending on ambient room temperature).

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how many dollars did u get bro?

Back then lots of $$$$$ :open_mouth:

Per day? With 1080 ti duke?

The topic is from 2017, so Yes, you could make Dollars a day back then.
Don’t forget the 1080 Ti was the best you could get back then in terms of Hashrate.

But don’t get your hopes up, those days are long gone :wink: