1080ti mining rig for sale (Spain/UK/Europe)

I have a 4 GPU mining rig for sale, running fine with these specifications.

4x EVGA 1080ti (3 fan version)
2x Corsair CS850M psus
Asus Prime Z270 motherboard
Black aluminium frame with 8 blue led cooling fans

Everything was purchased new around February 2018, receipts to prove.

I have boxes for everything, if someone wanted it shipping it could be dismantled and put back in boxes for shipping, or would fit in a hand luggage if dismantled.

Just looking for a reasonable offer EUR 2500?

Good luck!!
The most you will probably get is about EUR 1900

That’s about EUR 428 per GPU and the EUR 188 is for the rest.

Thanks, the exact price doesn’t stress me, just after something reasonable. Doesn’t need to be 2500.

I sold the GPU’s, never seen anything like it, put them on eBay and within 60 seconds all of them were sold for GBP 450 each, so there is definitely a resale market out there. Not sure if I will ever be able to sell the other stuff mind you!

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