F/S 17,000 sols/s worth of mining rigs

Good evening,

I decided I would rather try and list my rigs here as opposed to selling on eBay and having to pay there damn fees. For reference my username on eBay krztoff50187, you can check my feedback.

I have five rigs for sale
-7 * GTX 1080 G1 $6000
-5 * MSI TRIOs 1080 TIs $6500
-7 * GTX 1070 G1 $5500
-4* GTX 1080 TI Black Gigabyte $5000
-4 * Aorus XTREME 1080 TI $5000

All rigs OBO. Please don’t low ball me, I didn’t pay MSRP either for these GPUs. But a new addition to the family forces my hand. Everything is running perfect. All systems on ethOS. All systems running EVGA PLATINUM PSUs. All 1600w.

My email is krztoff2202@gmail.com.

Located in Hampton, VA if your interested in pick up. I can shoot you pics upon request.

I can do PayPal, or of course Zen!
Thank you very much for your consideration.

You should sell them on ebay. You’re asking very high prices. Here’s a per unit summary for those interested:

-7 * GTX 1080 G1 $6000 - 814 USD each
-5 * MSI TRIOs 1080 TIs $6500 - 1240 each
-7 * GTX 1070 G1 $5500 - 742 each
-4* GTX 1080 TI Black Gigabyte $5000 - 1175 each
-4 * Aorus XTREME 1080 TI $5000 - 1175 each

(calculations reflect 300 USD deduction per miner to account for MB, PSU’s etc.)

To me this looks like gouging or profiteering. I’d offer at best 15,000 USD. Good luck!

Nvidia was just selling brand new 1080tis on their website for msrp!! They were gone in about 15min. $700!!
And some back of the napkin cal on roi. For that $5000 1080ti black above would be $9 a day profit. 5000/9 = 555 days to clear the rig!!! On used parts!! Holy cow Batman. Good luck with this sell.
So many people selling rigs now. Less profit and nvidia about to drop the 20xx series = prices got to come down everywhere.

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you said selling rigs, in my mind selling a rig means the gpu’s, motherboard, power supply, etc. IS this the case? or are you just selling the GPU’s themselves?

I accept Zcash or BTC as well.

Sorry guys my account was silenced for a minute.

Each rig has a mining Cave Frame.
EVGA 1600 platinum P2 psu
Asus z270a prime Mobo
Gskill 8gb DDR4
G4400 Intel Pentium

The 1080 rig sold.
The Trio rig is pending

Again, all sales OBO. I know I listed high, but I also paid over msrp

Email me for pics.

I still have the Aorus the 1070 for sale.

The Aorus and the 1070, sorry for the typo

I have the 1070 and Aorus rig left, if you’re interested.

Lucky you. Sorry for anyone who you got to pay anywhere close to the asking prices. That’s a heck of a gamble with the 20xx nvidia cards so close to being released.

July is the “earliest”* release time for those cards

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more information will come out GDC which starts march 19th about the GPU’s themselves.
Speculation is that Gamescom in August will be when we see a full launch of partner next-gen graphics cards, at which point they will be available to buy.

Has that been formally announced?

That is the current rumor, June-September. No solid specs have leaked out or pictures so it is more than a month away.

Two rigs remaining.

4 * MSI TRIOs and 4 * Aorus XTREME.

4500+shipping each