Selling 1100/s Mining Rig


If someone intrested to buy cheap from Germany/Switzerland please contact me. Follow HW:

1 x Asrock H81 Pro BTC, 6 x powered Risers
1 x Alpenföhn Ben Nevis CPU-Cooler (14.10cm)
1 x Intel Core i7 4790K BOX (LGA 1150, 4GHz, Unlocked)
1 x Corsair Vengeance 8GB 2-Kit XMP(8GB each node)
1 x SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB, 2.5", 7mm, TLC
1 x Netzteil Seasonic, X-Series, 1250W, 80+Gold
6 x Saphire nitro RX470 oc 8 gb

System running Win10 Prof (legal license) & Xubuntu. Both System using together arround 1KW.


I’m not interested in buying, sorry, but I do have to say: My oh my what a machine! Much respect for your powers of configuration.

Here’s a thought on summer for you, too. If you use an air conditioner in your house, you can always port the whole shebang through a window/doorway/another-opening in your home. As I am sure you know as long as your silicon stays <80, you’ll be all good.

You don’t happen to know how many square meters of solar panels it would take to power this glorious monstrosity offhand, do you?

looks like 2 rigs in one frame to me

2000 / 150 W/m^2 = 13 m^2

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Hello, what is the price ? Thx

well 12x 210 are only the graphic cards if he goes low soo you are for sure looking at 3,3k.

Price is: 4250 Swissfrancs, 3952 EUR

I’ve put out today 6 graphiccard out and it running much colder. GPU got now arround 74.0C, and its more quieter. But its still bit too loud for my partner. The GFX Card all are modded with custom rom. But run very stable no crashes etc. It would have some tuning optiunities mem clock …, currently with 6 cards its running → 293.3H/s GFX, 24.0H/s (CPU, on 6 threads)

@faddat: thanks for your comment!, the bad thing is Im not living in a house. I’ve a flat near Zurich and the prices are crazy here … ;-).
@cryptomined: you’re right it was 2 Rigs in 1 frame.
@bukowski: I would sell it for the same price as I’ve bought it. It’s bought from different dealers on some I have dealer prices, because I also work in the
information technology sector ;-). The price is 4250 CHF or 3952 EUR. I think this is very fair and good price, I dont want to make profit at this!

I’ve also published in some local auction platform for 4500 CHF.

All parts are new and expect 1 CPU, which I could get used, 100 CHF cheaper. The cheapest price in germany is 236.50 euro each GPU →, I’ve paid 215.52 euro for each.

So if I cannot find an buyer, I would also sell the 12 GPUs (with free 12x risers) for 2,781.60 CHF = 2,586.33 EUR and could ship it world wide (+ shipping cost Sending goods abroad | Services and prices | Swiss Post).

PS: I forgot to say I would also accept BTC/ZCASH/ETH

Your miner is now over 700H/s btw

What software are you using? How are getting such a high sol rate. You seem to be averaging 50sol/s on rx 470 8gb.

470 average over 65h/s on stock now with Claymore V4.0, he needs to update his numbers :wink:

does a 470 has a higher H/s than a 480?

I’m not using any custom ROMs or memory straps on my 480s, some people are pushing 72H/s+ on 470s

@trolloniex thx. a lot for this info. 1 RIG with 6 Card receiving now fantastic 430 H/s (only with GPU)!!

I’ve decided to hold 1 Rig and sell the other components single.

So still if someone is intrested:

6 GPUs (Saphire Nitro+ 470 8 GB) (with free 6x risers) for 1390.5 CHF = 1293 euro + Shipping Cost

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480s can give a bit more than 470s from what i can tell, but just a tiny bit more

oh I see, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

One rig or 6 cards still available, mining now with 1.1 kh/s!!

@Thx. to silentarmy v5 for his great work! …

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The Rig is sold…, topic can be closed.


Just before Claymore 5.0 :frowning:


if you are still selling that rig please let me know i am interested of buying it if the gpu-s has warranty

New miners in stock 750sol/s.