2 cards together issues

New here, I have two r9 280x’s that run fine individually, but when i have them both plugged in the system reboots.

And directions greatly appreciated.

insufficient power supply is my number one guess. does it only do it after you start mining? if so… even more likely.

Yes what is the size of your power supply? Those old cards are power hogs. 250 watts per card with the potential to draw 300!! If your psu is not a min 700 watts, that’s a problem. If you are running a power hungry processor, fans, etc you would want a 800 watt supply at minimum.

Thanks guys, yes I’m suspecting this, they’ll mine all day long separately but reboot the machine 80 secs into mining together

Definitely power, found a switch on the back, setting for the rails and it was set to split, put it on combine…

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