My 6 gpu mining rig only boots with a maximum of 4:6 cards powered

I just built a 6 3069ti mining rig with a z390 a pro motherboard and a i9400f cpu. I have 2 1000w power supplies one by Corsair and the other EVGA. My rig booted fine with 1 card when I first went to go change bios settings and install windows, but when I got to installing the 5th card, the EZ Debug LED flashed the VGA light once, stopped, and then stayed solid. The gpu fans started, ran for a sec, and then stopped while still being powered. Also each of these cards works, I’ve done multiple combinations of 1, 2, 3, and 4 cards but as soon as I plug any 5 of the in it doesn’t work. Meaning that all 6 cards work. I set my gen speed to gen 1 and it didn’t work, and I previously had 4g memory enabled. My rig functions fine with 4 cards, but as soon as I try to power 5 or 6 it doesn’t boot. Drivers are updated too. Any help would be greatly appreciated given that I am new to the crypto game

Sounds like you need more power, before adding another psu you could try unhooking another less necessary component like disc drives or try adjusting which psu powers what to even out the load.

I have 2000 watts of power coming out of 2 perfectly functioning power supplies. I split the graphics cards evenly between the two supplies and have a splitter for the 24 pin. I only have the necessary plugs pluggged in.

I understand. It just seems that if all the cards work and all the slots work (unless the motherboard just won’t handle more than four for some reason (idk?)) then their failure seems related to the power. The cards are rated 200w but the manufacturer suggested psu rating for one card is 600w so that actually kinda sounds right.