2018Q2 Grant Program Updates and Questions

The Foundation is in the process of setting up the 2018Q2 grant program! You can see the draft proposal here:


We also received a proposal from the Blockchain Institute to match the current $125,000 we have earmarked for the program—making the total pool of funds for the program $250,000. I wanted to post to check if anyone had any questions or concerns about accepting additional funding—one of the members of the Blockchain Institute would sit on review board, but otherwise the grant program would function similarly to 2017Q4.

I’m personally excited about the prospect of getting more visibility into the grant program via the Blockchain Institute and getting more submissions from places where they have more reach than the Foundation. What does everyone here think? cc @tromer


Hi Josh @acityinohio ,
thank you for a kind introduction. We are exited to support the Foundation’s grant program and believe that this will form a foundation for a productive partnership.
Let me just add a few words about who we are and maybe give an opportunity for your community members to ask questions.
The Blockchain Institute was created to facilitate and advance research in the blockchain space. We offer funding to support various pursuits (research, education and training, software development, etc) globally, and we are always on the lookout for interesting multidisciplinary research projects. Obviously greater results can be achieved by working collaboratively, that is why we partner with a number of technology companies and educational institutions to initiate joint research projects and grant programs. We are glad to know that our intentions and objectives are similar to those of the Foundation.
By supporting the Foundation’s grant program we commit to increasing awareness of research activities supported by the Foundation in countries of our presence (UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia), what as we believe, will advance in the development of Zcash technology and ecosystem, and blockchain industry in general.

Let’s do science together!
If anyone has any questions, I’ll be more than happy to give more information about our activities.