Grants program updates!

Check it outttttt :smiley:

We’re excited to release ZF Grants 2.0 today, along with a guide to writing a fantastic proposal, which will help grant applicants understand what we’re looking for, and a tutorial on submitting a proposal through the site.

Here’s what you can do on the new version of ZF Grants:

  • Submit a proposal asking ZF to fund your grant project
  • Submit a request suggesting that ZF fund a particular project idea
  • Discuss proposals or requests in the comments
  • Follow a proposal or request to be notified of future updates
  • “Like” a proposal or request to show your approval :+1:
  • Attach a Sapling z-address to your proposal and/or profile in order to receive ZEC tips directly

We are especially excited to see the requests that you come up with!

Lastly, while grants are still awarded in ZEC, proposal and request funding is denominated in USD. Payouts will be determined by the real-time market price of Zcash. Grantees have reported that pre-payout volatility risk was a significant source of anxiety, so we’re glad to remove it.

If you prefer a visual overview, annotated screenshots of the new features.

Click through for the rest.