5% off all gpuShack Mining Gear until November 14th, 2016

Hello All! Alex from gpuShack here.

With the latest mining improvements on AMD GPUs, I wanted to let you know regarding a current promotion we are running.

We at gpuShack have moved to full support of Large-Scale Deployment to better serve our mining customers. The front page of gpuShack now lists all Mining Gear available (as opposed to mining gear being hidden in a small section).

In celebration of this move, we are taking 5% of all mining gear until November 14th, 2016!

Use promo code FORUM5 to get 5% off your order!

You can check it out at http://gpushack.com/

I forgot to mention, I did a small code review of the C of silentarmy at Optimized C results in faster hashrate. · Issue #64 · mbevand/silentarmy · GitHub

The result was a small hashrate improvement (5 h/s). My improvement is nothing compared to the efforts of mbevand, nerdralph, and padrino, but it draws attention to the fact that there is a lot of low-hanging fruit improvements that can be made. I have never worked on miner code, and I was able to find these improvements fairly easily.

So, if anyone has any background in C and OPENCL, I urge you to fork the latest miner and try to improve it. Perhaps we can all move away from closed-source binaries that way.

Just a shame your a US company, i’d like to order but with taxes and import charges to the UK it would suck :frowning: especially with BTC orders being 25% and 5% forum, shame really :stuck_out_tongue: