Claymore ZCash Miner Imminent

Should be dropping in the next 24 hours based on his comments in the BCT forums. What will this do to the mining landscape if he comes through on his goal of 100 sol/s per card miner?

I suspect there may be private miners getting this type of performance being used by large mining farms (just a guess honestly, nothing to base it on). Believe this will level the playing field and increase the share coming to smaller farms using public miners. What are your thoughts?

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Definitely agree on leveling the playing field. The only complaints so far I’ve heard are from owners of large farms, and if Claymore really delivers, he will be saluted from me and he can take his fee on a dailyyy basis. It’s not his miner that we need, it’s his miner that the world deserves.

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Claymore : " Good news: I’m going to release my ZEC miner in a few hours so all ZEC-related discussion will move to new thread finally
news: I was not reach 100h/s on 390 in this version. I’m going to
improve speed, but people want to have miner asap so I will release it
as is, about 50h/s on stock 390X. I don’t like to hurry so further
improvements will be added later. "


That’ll be 1600 Watts for 6x 390x systems, putting this at 2x the electrical cost for old CPUs. Initial costs via ebay are the same. CPUs beat GPUs on Zcash. If there gets to be a million desktop users not caring about electricity cost (and at 1/4 the cost anyway using new laptops) they will account for more Sol/s than all ETH miners put together (500,000 GPUs at 50 Sol/s is only 25 M Sol/s).

Don’t you guys have cheap power in Poland?

Sure bud. 20 characters

I’ve previously the numbers and links to my 750 Sol/s CPU rack in previous threads (going up to 1,000 Sol/s in few days, and this time paying $8 per Sol/s and 3 Watt per Sol/s). What GPU owner can make this claim and post the details? These are total costs including cooling fans, power supplies and everything. And I’m paying 2x more than someone who has more time to do it right, and way more than someone who just adds the miner to their existing laptop. Unlike other coins, it’s worth mining to the home CPU owner.

First Claymore miner $4 per Sol/s 2.15 Watt per Sol/s (or less)

Later iterations $2 per Sol/s 1.07w per Sol/s (or less)

Your CPUs are going to be worthless in a month or so.

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zawy what are you running to get 750 sols on cpus?

@mpunisher. Where was this quote? Bitcointalk?

EDIT: Found it. :slight_smile:

I’m going based on ebay prices for 390x compared to desktops and what 3 ETH miners said for 390x GPU rigs as measured at the wall.

How do you get a 390x plus overhead equipment for only $200? How are powering one with 100 Watts total when others are saying 250 W plus overhead equipment? i do not assume Claymore can double it and that there can no further advances in CPU mining speeds.

RX480=390x performance for half the watts at $199

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42 desktops on a rack behind my couch on two 24-port switches and 2 power cords are now giving me 820 Sol/s, 2600 Watts, $6200 total (but I had substantial waste like could not use 5 desktops). I posted the script I used to install xenoncat w/ nheqminer on ubuntu 14.04 this morning.

Then I’ll hold off on more CPUs and start putting in those cards in my desktops. I believe some of them will support 130 Watt. Good thing it’s winter here in poland.

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This is complete bullshit. Take it elsewhere.

CPUs can never beat GPUs in mining ever.

No idea why you spent so much money on i5/i7 cpus, motherboards, psus, etc when you could of just bought some cheap second hand 7950/7970 GPUs which will hash at almost 100Sol/s pretty soon.


People not interested in B.S. are willing to listen to any facts you wish to contradict.

what is 2$ per sol/sec i dont get this? :slight_smile:

Explain how you are getting 20 sol/s from a computer that is drawing a total of 60W. GTFO with this fantasy land bullshit.

Install nheqminer’s xenoncat on your laptop. I think any newish laptop should be less than 2W per Sol/s.