Gateless gate - a fork of the silentarmy miner has arrived

By zawawawa. Bitcointalk topic here. Open source and cross platform according the title. Github repos here.

I haven’t tested it, but there seem to be some problem reports and fixes going back and forth in the thread. Reportedly it does ~150 Sols/s on an Rx480 but hopefully that can be optimized.

“Although the current foci of development are AMD video cards and Windows operating systems, it should be able to run on Linux and/or NVIDIA GPUs.”

Build issues with Linux have been taken care of. Sorry about that. The new miner should be good to go now.

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Been waiting patiently for you @zawawa to Finnish your re-write and release your miner, great start 150s/s rx 480 and now to optimise for speed increases I want to thank you for the excellent miner you have provided for the community free of charge and look forwards to gateless gate competing with Claymore and Optiminer although the latter seems to be missing in action again lol

Result on SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon R9 Fury. I get 1900+ on Claymore 9.1. Not sure if I did something wrong.

I get more on Rx470 nitro with claymore there must be an error

For now, the miner is mostly optimized for RX 480.
I am planning to add an automatic optimizer so that I don’t have to tweak the miner for every single card out there.

@dubie These errors actually indicate hardware problems. Do you have a BIOS mod?

Thank you! Matching Claymore’s performance is a major goal for me. It’s totally doable, I think.

No mods all brand new cards a week old.

@dubie Thanks for letting me know. There were some timing issues, but I pushed a fix to the GitHub repository already. I will prepare a new release once I am done with optimization for GTX 1060.

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Hi reading your thread at bitcoin talk and looks like speed increases are coming soon,well done @zawawa looking forward to next release

@Stealth8368 Thanks! It’s not easy to optimize the miner further for AMD cards, but we will eventually get there.

I just uploaded a new version with performance enhancements and the user interface and back-end of the well-tested sgminer-gm:

Now the miner is running at 223 sol/s on my modded RX 480.
I should be able to surpass Claymore’s performance with the next GCN assembly version.

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zawawa, I think you could create a new topic on the discussion board on this, so that you can update the subject line and the text of the first post as to what’s new, when you release a new version.

At least that is how is optiminer and cĺaymore does it afaict.

thats good news, can’t wait for the next version, goodluck

My video presentation on zawawa’s miner.
Thanks for this awesome miner and keep up
with the good work…

Very excited about this miner. Unfortunately 1.3 gives 0 solutions per second on R9 fury, and 1.2 gives only 267sol/s vs Claymore’s 478 sol/s

Looks like we’re stuck using claymore with his totally non-transparent devfees (no shares found for 20 minutes, devfee starts, screen magically fills with purple accepted shares) for a while longer but i look forward to the day where we no longer have to.