500.000 ZEC Party! Don't sell yourself short!

500.000 ZEC ~ 22 mil Market Cap. Hater gona hate, ZCash, is the Young Prince of the Crypto-Curency. Founders, DEVs and miners, keep up the good work!

Let’s PARTY!

PS: Shame to Cloud-mining Company ZP and GM, no party for you…


Well if I get any donations I could party…
Seriously, down to US$20 over here, making it hard to work on Zcash for Windows!


oh cool, just followed your page on fb

I don’t dig around much in facebook for crypto stuff, I mostly have a friends list there that is all people I know in person

Let s start with some shoots!

Hello …good day guys

seems like no increasing value of zec for the mean time…so how now? thanks

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He He He… still patience …:stuck_out_tongue:

I just dropped a release candidate for Zcash for Windows, once that gets around, that should help!

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Why you should? ZCash is a commercial project and they have all the resources to hire full-time devs to work on windows builds. It’s simply stupid to work for donations in this space. Remember, no one donates. Never.

My experience the last few months contradicts “never”…and ZcashCo didn’t do a premine, the slice they take of the FR is enough to keep them going at their current burn rate, but not if they hire a bunch of GUI devs…they’re focusing on the linux reference implementation and network stability, and have their hands full with that.

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