ZEC/ZCash will die, ZClassic is here now

Well it happend, ZCL, zcash classic has started and getting more powerfull each hour.

its not overhyped and started in a normal way, so i wont think there will be a place for ZEC anymore …

no more paying devs a big amount of money

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Do you trust the devs for the toxic waste?

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nice troll, try harder :wink:

I’ve seen you touting ZCL all over the shop. Pretty clear you’re trying to drive interest in an investment you’ve already made.

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this is the first i even mentoined ZCL or even known about it, i didnt know until i checked the profitiability calculator showing it like 30 minutes ago and started checking. I’ve been trying to get stable ZEC/Nvidia mining a lot so …

and i know its very highly debated and people suggestion was made to do it but after that i didnt really see any news about it.

so its just an obversation.

Seems like both currencies are dying at the moment. Going back to ETH with my RX 470 rigs.

ZEC/ZCash will die


:))))) 20 characters

Well, zickle my balls…

And what developers are willing to bet their time on it? Very few I think.

'cause software has no value…

Then why do people use it so much?

How were the zsnarks generated for z classic?

They took the same as Zcash

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Sarcasm, sir, sarcasm. Software created all the value we manipulate on our crrazy networks, and software development will cause zcash to win over ZCL.

i personally think they compliment each other, create more attention for each other, help each other gain more market share
i dont really think its about ZEC vs ZCL

it is, and technically whenever ZCash does something ZClassic can follow, at least that is the way I see it, could be wrong though

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Shitcoin forks of Zcash is good… that means it’s doing something right :wink:

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I just wish they’d create their own forum rather than spam and leech off of this one.

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Pumpers are everywhere after filling their bags… Mods should step in before this becomes BTCTalk