51% Attacks ... Flypool at ~50% of Network Hashrate

Anyone got details about how secure Zcash is against 51% attacks ?

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According to Zooko, as Zcash was designing its mining algorithm, he was starting to think that there might need to be some kind of “fundamental trade-off” between decentralization and resistance to 51 percent attacks.

“With a wide variety of amateur miners using the idle resources of their commodity hardware (like Bitcoin in the early days), the blockchain is more vulnerable to 51% attack, but it is highly decentralized. With a small number of professional miners with specialized mining operations (like Bitcoin today), it is less decentralized, but it is stronger against 51% attack. (Because of the greater scale and because the miners have a capital investment tied to the value of the coin, which incentivizes them to protect the value of the coin.)

“We decided to aim for decentralization instead of aiming for 51%-attack-resistance, but if we miss decentralization and we hit 51%-attack-resistance, that’s not too bad!”

Not tea bag.

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Flypool is not at 50% of network hashrate:


That’s by count of blocks mined I think over the last 120 blocks.

16.1 MH/s on Flypool ATM

I don’t think it is last 120 blocks, probably it is from begining.
At least it is improbable that flypool found less blocks than coinmine in last 120 blocks.

This seems familiar. I think last time the conversation was about suprnova. The promising small pool today is zogpool, IMO. Even without considering threats, wouldn’t it be nice to have a large, well, pool of healthy pools to choose from should something happen to your favorite?

They found 220 blocks and daily max is close to 600.