One Zcash Mining Pool Controls Over 51% of the Network Hashrate - isn't this a concern?

any comments from dev?

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Old news for most of us. ATM zcash miners all they care about is payout stability and trustworthiness. Nanopool is allright but I am mad with them about minimum payout limits for other currencies so I mine on flypool. The rest of the pools ad far as i am concerned lack the blocks found probability so it cost extra to suck power out monthly for no payouts. Maybe when zcash gets over 2k someone might start thinkink about a fork. But thats is just IMHO.

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so you are to the problem.
there are a ton of other pools that you should test
I use suprnova

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A pathetic size problem, and it gets boring when someone points out the obvious and gets call out by people like you for doing so…stay on the subject. you in suprnova and what about it? 51% attack is the subject.

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  1. A pool may have over 51% of the network hashrate, but that doesn’t mean that pool controls all those miners does it? What am I missing here? Maybe they temporarily can mess with the hashrate they control but for how long? And they can’t hide those actions, can they?

  2. Within a few minutes, perhaps hours at the most, of the pool attempting a 51% attack, the majority of hashrate would move away from the pool, thus fixing the alleged 51% problem.

  3. Plus, all transactions need multiple confirmations before they’re accepted by all.

  4. Finally, even if the 51% attack works despite the above, all transactions are obviously recorded, so it’s quite doable to undo the 51% attack by forking back to the pre-attack state + all transactions coming from outside the source of the 51% attack.

What am I missing here?