60 Zotac GTX1070 mini SEALED

Long story short, I had bought 60 of them ( last in stock from what I know so far ) and was gunna do mini farm, but financial stuff happened and can’t afford to get rest, so I will be parting with them… 59 are brand new and 1 is open to run benchmarks to see scores ( pics will be posted later ) The run cool and great!
Eth only 30 MH/s
Eth/lbry 28/26
Zec 465-470 Sol/s
Didnt run past 51c

Looking to sell in bulks of 6 or whole lot. I will accept escrow at your expense… Shipping to USA and Canada…

Will post pics later with proof of ownership Smiley

How much are you selling them for?

I’m interested for 6, maybe 12. Pm me or?

Are you going to post pricing?

Sorry, thought I had done so… 480 OBO… You dont like the price, dont be butthurt and flame the thread…
Not you Citric :slight_smile: