Two Never-been-mined AMD RX 570 4GB Strix GPUs For Sale

Hey all,

I was in my office and noticed that I have two gpus that have been sitting in their boxes for at least 6 months. These were purchased with the intent to build an AMD rig but I started to buy Nvidia 1080 ti cards for 12x systems and lost track of these. I have another 8GB one also, but I think it’s at a different location, when I find that it will be up here too.

These are ready to go. You’ll have to trust me that I’ve never mined them but if you have any issues I’ll fully refund and accept any unhappy returns as long as they are sent back the day they are received. US-only.

Here are some pictures:

Make me an offer. These go for $319 on Amazon and $340 on Newegg, but I’ll let go of them for much cheaper to a miner that will give these a good home with many hours of hashing. I’ll even entertain silly offers - these are taking up space so consider it your lucky day.

ZEC, ETH or BCH accepted :slight_smile:

Other systems are not for sale, sorry.

You’ve got gold and don’t even know it…

These cards run at 30-31 Mh/s with 85 Watt with the right bios mod (I can share :))


These are no longer available.

Man the strix cooler is so nice! Now I’m regretting not getting my 1080 with a strix cooler! :confused:

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