920 h Rig (without frame) for sale

I’m selling my rig. It is currently hashing at 920 h/s using claymore miner. PM me if your interested. Comes with all of the items listed below

2 Sapphire Rx 480 8 gb Ref
1 MSI Rx 480 8 gb Ref
1 XFX Rx 480 8 gb Ref
2 Sapphire Rx 470 4 gb OC
h97 Anniversary motherobard
Intel Celeron L1150 socket 1820
2 sticks of hyper fury x 4gb ram
1 320 gb Western Digital Hard Drive

I had a custom build rig that I will not include since it will cost way to much to ship based on its weight. Shoot me a fair price. Ill accept verified paypal and btc as forms of payment. Or let me know if you would like any other way to pay. Thanks for looking

Here’s a screenshot with my miner in action. 926 sol/s @ 776 w from the wall.

As you can see, all molex connections from gpu to Psu with extended molex to molex connections. I can throw in the wooden frame for free since it would cost you more to ship it. I would estimate about 100 shipping for the frame.