WTS: 6x Sapphire Nitro 470 Rig

I have a rig with 4x 4Gb 470s and 2x 8Gb 470s, which I am looking to sell.

The cards are all sapphire nitros.

6 powered USB risers.

Built into metal and wood frame.

H97 Anniversary and 1000W EVGA PSU.

UK based, Scotland to be precise. Would rather have rig collected than attempt to ship.

Could ship just cards though.

Price negotiable. Will sell at a reasonable price, but do not currently need to sell, so not in a rush to accept silly offers.

Currently mining at around 950 H/s, 700W at the wall. Cards tuned for power efficiency over speed at moment.

Will accept UK pounds, BTC, ZEC, or ETH.