A better distribution model

i am not really a fan about how zcash is distributed, halving every 4 years is not really optimal.

Here is my suggestion https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1630098.0

Does it matter that the blockreward isn't enough to secure the network after 32 years? is it really a good idea to rely on mining fees?

I want to create my own cryptocurrency but i am not a good programmer now, maybe later.

My suggestion

bitcoin blockreward over time

after 32 years the blockreward will no longer be enough to secure the network(2041 for btc and 2048 for zcash)

We are seing a flight from btc to alts now(not surprising) but the issue with zclassic and zcoin is that it is only a few percent mined atm and thus it is not a viable coin to flee to yet(zcash is already very expensive).

Halving every 4:th year is too slow initially and too fast after 32 years, an exponential decrease is not optimal, the only advantage is that it is easy to understand