Early Retirement ( from mining )

Ive decided that with my hashrate 50+ sol/s, its worthless mining. yes i admit i only care about the profit and dont care about supporting the network. The only ones who can make decent reward are the people who are already rich and have amazing rigs to get afew coins at the start when the price is high (1%). The rest of us are playing a fools lottery where 20% of a block find goes to the creators of zec who are already making close to 1,000,000 dollers a day. In 2 days at the current exchange price i have made about €1.20 and its getting lower by the hour. it was fun though and exciting for afew days.

Instead ill keep an eye on the price for when it drops below a doller and buy a decent amount, wait afew years and hope it can do what all the other new coins said they could do (but never) and rival bitcoin.

adios amegos


I don’t blame you one bit. Smart decision. Good luck on your journey!

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I agree completely with your decision, you my friend, are saluted, I pointed my miners back to XMR, and the way I see it, Monero has a truly dedicated development team that doesn’t rely on so called “honesty” of greedy devs for a coin such as zcash. Monero is truly decentralized with code that is peer-reviewed, wallet is in testing and the only reason it’s taking so long is because people developing it realize that it will be the backbone of extremely delicate security software, the perfection of which will be responsible for securing millions and millions of dollars of other people’s money, and the security of which may mean the difference between someone’s life or death.

Zcash on the other hand was like a short roller coaster ride, ended up with a crash, for hard-working miners at least…


i agree with you :wink:

Tough call, but may be the right decision. I am thinking about withdrawing myself. Have been running at around 40 Sol/s combined.

But I am wondering… once the roll-out phase is over at the end of the month or so, and the reward amount increases, will it be somewhat more profitable for us small guys? Or will the drastic fall in value of the coin (as supply goes up) offset any gains made by increased reward? Guessing we’ll have to wait and see. Regardless, seems less worth it to mine right NOW at least. Perhaps better to wait on the sidelines as improved mining software is worked out. Way more opportunity for being hacked at the moment too.

oh well screw that plan im too addicted now

back on it haha


We can do this

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GTFO with your forks

Disable reward founder’s isn’t a fork.

You need consensus. The rest of the network will reject it.

It is. (20 characters.)

It is (20 characters count spaces)

GTFO with your forks