A fork of Zecwallet-Lite with an increased fee to 10000 zat

We’ve created a fork of Zecwallet-Lite, originally from the repository at GitHub - adityapk00/zecwallet-lite: Zecwallet-Lite is z-Addr first lightwallet for Zcash.. The need for this fork arose because the original developer did not address an issue where the wallet’s transaction fee was set at 1000 zat. This became problematic especially during a spam attack on the ZCash network when transactions with such fees were no longer being included in miner blocks.

Our fondness for Zecwallet-Lite drove us to address this issue ourselves. With this update, we’ve made a singular change: the transaction fee has been revised from 1000 zat to 10000 zat. Every other aspect of the wallet’s functions and logic remains unchanged.

You can choose whichever version you feel best suits your needs.

Note: Even though this version retains all the logic from the original repository, always adhere to the “zero trust” principle and use this release at your own risk. We are not responsible for any malfunctions and potential damage. However, we guarantee on our part that this version preserves 100% of the original code, except for the adjustment of the fee from 1000 to 10000 zat.

Note: You have the flexibility to adjust the transaction fee as per your needs. To do this:

Clone the following three repositories into a single directory: zecwallet-lite, zecwallet-light-cli, and librustzcash. Or download them all at once from here

Navigate to librustzcash\zcash_primitives\src\transaction\components\amount.rs and on line 10, modify the value from “10000” to your preferred amount in the line

  • pub const DEFAULT_FEE: Amount = Amount(10000).

Once the changes are made, you can then compile the project using the source code as per the instructions given below.

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That’s great but it should be noted that value is only the base line fee for a single input/output or action. That fee compounds per every input/action/output the transaction contains. The simplest sapling tx will cost a minimum of 0.0002 which is double what youre setting here. Let say it spends 6 notes, now its 0.0007 or 0.0008. Static fees are now a thing of the past, unless you just feel like overpaying a lot and cover your tracks in any case.

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Very similar to my tutorial posted on free2z.