A Good Wallet for ZCash and Ethereum

Mining for about 3 weeks and my wallet loves to collect but doesn’t seem to want to do anything else. I didn’t see a recent post on the timeless question. Could someone recommend a good wallet for ZCash and Ethereum.

Don’t want a Trezor hard wallet

Thanks for any help

go for ledger then :wink:

HardWallets are the best “hot” wallets, nothing beats it.

Are you searching for a mobile wallet or desktop? OS?

I know you said you don’t want a Trezor wallet, but it’s a very good option, I’ve been using it for quite a while without any problems.

A alternative is Jaxx, BUT, you need to read into it to see if they allow mining now / if they resolved the security issues with it.

Thanks for reply - I am on Windows