Noob Question - What is the best ZCASH wallet for mining?

im new in that mining thing…
so for my question…
what is the best ZCASH wallet?
i saw zcash wallet (freewallet something like that), Jaxx and more…
so what is the best wallet with the lowest fees and easy to use for now?

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Just use an exchange like poloniex unless you have loads of zec to store… good thing about exchange is you can trade in for something more worthwile at times…

so whats your saying is to mine for my freewallet zCash, then send all my zec to my poloniex account and then i would exchange zec to btc and then i will send the btc to my btc account…
is that right?

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There are lots of different types of wallets, each with their own benefits and drawbacks

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I mine directly to my Zcash poloniex address. Then set a sell order near a recent high. As much as I believe in Zcash, I think it is still a little overpriced right now.

I noticed the first wallet is Jaxx on that link, but Jaxx says you cant use it for mining.

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What have you ended up using>

I havent decided yet. Just got my miner setup last night and its doing eth.

zcash4win (so far the best one) or zcash4mac…

I mine directly to jax

jaxx its not the best solution for micro payments… poloniex killed zcash wallet…

Cryptonator people, no problems with them

Absolutely this. If you don’t want to run a wallet on your machine where you have full control over it, this is the next best thing. I’ve had no issues with them when using them in the past and I still recommend them to any of my friends who are looking to quickly get into the mining game.

What is the spread on currency exchanges? Do they use ShapeShift? SP is quite expensive.

They don’t however exchange to any coin. Although for ZEC exchanging to BTC is sufficient enough to get you to any exchange to do whatever from there.

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I registered here just to say this - Cryptonator steals money!

If your transaction is less than the “minimum amount” (have you ever heard of a wallet with minimum amounts? I hadn’t), they will just pocket the money - as soon as your transaction arrives, they will create a transaction in your name, to their address. You can see this here -

And although they stole only 0.0008 ZEC from me, I definitely don’t feel safe knowing that they can send transactions in my name. Stuff like this should be impossible in any good wallet (and I don’t mean “impossible” in the sense of “they wouldn’t dare do it”, I mean it should be technically impossible to be done - they should have no knowledge of your private key).

I’m asking, because it is apparent that you don’t know, you do know that there are fee’s when you transfer Zcash, right? ON every pool, and in every wallet.
0.0008 = usd $0.48 cents