New in mining zec

Hi, I’m starting mining zcash. I will keep the zcash hoping the price raises. But I want to know which are the best wallets. Currently I use bittrex. But my goal it’s to trade for Eur€ and withdraw directly to my bank account. Which method it’s the best? Lower fees. Do you recommend anycoindirect or coinbase (trade zec to eth).

Hi, @Botassar. There are a lot of different ways to achieve your aims.

For me personally, I wanted to minimize the dwell time of my ZEC in 3rd party wallets, so I configured the Linux-based Zcash GUI wallet for complete control of my wallet file and keys. While I look at this as more secure, all responsibility lies with me regarding wallet and key backup/restoration. My understanding is that there is a Windows-based local GUI wallet too (Zcash4win) available that installs itself, requiring very little user configuration.
FWIW, I also maintain a hardware wallet (Trezor). So far (knock on wood), I have had no issues with transfers.

Regarding exchange, I recently executed a transfer of ZEC from wallet to BITTREX, converted ZEC to BTC, sent it along to COINBASE, and requested a conversion to USD. I am now just waiting to see if the USD conversion goes through (estimated to take 6 days). I’ve been pleased with both companies so far, but it’s only a single set of data points for you. Hope it helps.

Local wallet definitely zcash4win (or zcash4mac) as @belgarion84 stated :slight_smile:
Hardware wallet Trezor or Ledger Nano
Exchange - look for one with high volume, in my case Poloniex or Bittrex (both are crypto2crypto). Kraken is also an option, but hard to get verified. Maybe take a look @
And for BTC to EUR (directly to bank account with those pairs:ETH, BTC, BCH 2 EUR/USD/RUB) - easy verification and there is voting for listing Zec (or other cryptos) there and low fees (4 days to get money to bank account)… Anycoindirect for me is only over PaiPal and thats ripping off (not EU country) and it took almost a week (and from PayPal to bank account another 4-5 days)…