Is algo change in Oct-Dec 2020 confirmed?

Hey guys, i’ve got 100k at my disposal and wanted to get back into mining game. Yes yes i can get coins directly but i’m enthusiast and would like to know if algo change is confirmed or not. i don’t want to invest into mining something for just 6-7 months.

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This would be news to me, where did you hear about discussions of an algorithm change? ( I ask because the Asic megathread on the Forum here has been quiet for quite a while)


There is no algorithm change planned in Zcash for the next several years. If you wanted to invest in mining equipment it would need to be ASICs


This article had a link to heliosvoting.

Question #3
The Foundation should commit to a plan for migrating the Zcash protocol to a new proof of work algorithm with a hard-fork planned between September 30, 2020 and December 31, 2020, with the following tasks: 1) Selecting a thermodynamically efficient (not ASIC-resistant!), currently unused proof-of-work algorithm 2) Hosting and building an open hardware specification for the selected PoW algorithm 3) Assembling a consortium of hardware companies to build hardware against this open specification, while encouraging upstream contributions 4) Building an open source, cross-platform, user-friendly, p2pool-esque piece of mining software for use with this hardware 5) Manage the hard fork upgrade process across users, wallets, exchanges

Agree 38
Disagree 26

38 are in favor of algo change?

can you please check the heliosvoting link and see how reliable it is?

That was 2018. It was decided not to switch since then.


As @JKDC mentioned, that vote was back in 2018 and eventually wasn’t chosen to be included in the path forward for NU4 in 2020.

Update: the original version of this post implied that the Foundation was taking a definitive stance for ASIC resistance. It has been edited for clarity to indicate that the Foundation is putting resources into researching ASIC resistance: advantages, disadvantages and potential implementation paths.


thanks guys! so conclusion is there won’t be any sort of change to brick existing ASICs right?

Yes, no algorithm change for the next Network Upgrade scheduled this year.