A way to convert Zcash→Indian rupees!

“Unocoin, Shapeshift tie-up to enable users to convert blockchain assets into Bitcoin”

This is exciting! It is being pitched by Unocoin as a way for people to convert Ethereum, Zcash, and other cryptocurrencies into Bitcoin or into Indian Rupees, but it means that if you pay an Indian person in Zcash, they can get rupees in their Indian bank account!

Of course, getting paid in Zcash means you can get paid from anywhere on the planet, with fast confirmation time and low transaction fees, and without leaving a trail in the blockchain that could later be used against you (for example by a hacker trying to steal your money, or a corrupt Indian official who may demand bribes).

And now, thanks to Unocoin, you can convert some or all of your Zcash into Rupees to pay your bills. Perfect!

I’m excited about this. Tell all your Indian friends, and if you start offering goods or services for Zcash, let me know!


By the way, notice that Sunny Ray — CEO of Unocoin — mentions that they might in the future offer more direct integration with other cryptocurrencies than just Bitcoin.