Sending funds from winzec to coinbase

I have mined some zcash and Im using winzec wallet. But, i can’t send funds to my coinbase BTC address. can anyone help?

Removed as totally misinterpreted question :roll_eyes:

thank you for your help.!! I have another question: How can i “shield my funds before use them”?

I think I misunderstood your question. You want to sent some ZEC you mined to a Coinbase BTC address? You can’t. It’s a separate block chain and ZEC isn’t yet supported on Coinbase. See a list of supported exchanges here

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You can not put a round block into a square peg!

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You can use websites such as to turn your ZEC into a coinbase supported coin. You can not send Zcash directly into a Bitcoin address because as @garethtdavies has mentioned it is a different block chain. How websites such as shapeshift work is you send them a certain amount of a coin and they will have a set exchange rate for what they determine to be the current price of coin. Typically I convert my coin into a coin that has lower fees such as ETH so their current exchange rate is 1 ZEC= .61183 ETH and once you put in your addresses it and send over your ZEC it should send the ETH to your wallet. Hopefully this clears up some confusion.