A world of distributed storage systems and blockchains

Its so amazing to see how far the space has evolved since the early days of Bitcoin. I remember reading a post from @zooko on Bitcointalk regarding the Tahoe-LAFS system he created. He was talking about integrating BTC into Tahoe-LAFS (see link below). So much has happened in the field of cryptography since then and we are moving into an amazing time in human history. We have been discovering new use cases for all this tech and how it can work together to make the world a better place.

Im not sure if any of you have seen dtube.video, its running on IPFS(similar to Tahoe-LAFS) and is using STEEM for payments. I want to know if a system like Tahoe-LAFS could be of use in the STEEM eco system? I wonder what sort of use cases Tahoe-LAFS could have for a STEEM based application given the fact that it has an advantage over IPFS. From my understanding the difference with Tahoe-LAFS is that the files are encrypted so you have control over who gets to see the content of them.

“there are a few hackers who would be pretty interested in contributing patches to integrate BitCoin payments directly into the Tahoe-LAFS storage protocol. It would be a big job! It would probably take a year of effort before we would be ready to deploy it in a new stable release. Of course, the more people pitch in the faster the work goes.”