Abnormally High Number of Blocks And sudo apt-get install balance?

“WARNING: abnormally high number of blocks generated, 140 blocks received in the last 4 hours (96 expected)”

“sudo apt-get install balance”

Anyone have an idea what these are ?

It’s simply a warning that because the difficulty is low (due to a low number of miners on the Testnet) that more blocks have been issued than expected. If this were the actual net, this would indicate a problem, but you can just ignore it on the Testnet.
We will never see this on the actual net because there will no doubt be a lot more miners.

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Cheers for that, whats the message I got when running ~/zcash/./src/zcash-cli listtransactions

“sudo apt-get install balance” ?

sudo apt-get “whatever” is a Linux command line. For instance sudo apt-get update will install Linux system updates. I don’t believe “sudo apt-get install balance” is a valid command.

If you want to see your balance you can use zcash-cli listtransactions or getinfo.

I know its a linux command

It brought it up when I did getinfo today

so I ran it and it installed something

Interesting, I have not seen that before in Zcash. Wiki says it’s “Load balancing solution and generic tcp proxy” so its a networking update.

The unusually high number of blocks in this instance was probably because of the time warp attack. If they haven’t changed anything related to the timestamp in beta, it may very likely happen again.

Running “sudo” commands based on output from logs etc. is not a good idea, because some of that output could be influenced by an attacker. Asking users to do such a thing in program output is therefore bad security practice, even when the message is genuine, as I believe it is in this case (similar to when an actual bank rings you up and asks for security details). I will file a ticket to remove that message.

Dear trolloniex,
How many WAN/LAN is connected to your Ubuntu Server/Desktop?

Or maybe you have some package (let’s say a proxy package) which assigned some vlans to Ubuntu network card …………. which required you then to install the load Balance package, Maybe!

Im using AWS instances

if you typed


how many ethernet is displayed?

Ok, I’ve edited my post, sounds like I’m asking the wrong question.
Never meant to look like a noob or make others look like one!

I’m not very familiar with AWS or any other VM solutions, I only use real/physical PCs&Servers with Ubuntu to work as Firewall/webhost/mail/DNS/DHCP/Crypto pools and full-node servers , and it happened that I own a quite good number of them (Core i7 – threads 8-12 with 16GB of ram each)
Used to run Bitcoin p2pool on one, Dash P2pool on another, Monero private pool, Nem, Lisk, and many others.

It’s simply that I believe this issue had nothing to do with Zcash itself, and I wanted to figure out the cause.
That’s all,