About 1050 2GB Zcash

Hi @everyone.Can ı mine zcash 1050 2 gb ?Whats about hashrates?Is zcash has problem with dag file size like eth?Do u think 1050 2gb good for mining?

search results for 1050


I searched but ı cant find good info for me

I have 2 rigs, 9 1050’s in total.
At moderate to low power draw, 150sol/s. If I push them hard, 175sol/s.
Memory is only 0.827gb / 2gb full often times while mining. Still lots of headroom left.

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@Fishmonger ı wanna build 1050 2gb rig.Each month ı add 1 more 1050 to the rig.Do u think its still profitable in 2018?

With the market fluctuating on a daily basis, it is really hard to forecast where we will be for all of 2018.
For instance in 1 month, Zcash went from a high of 724 to a low of 265. That’s a pretty big spread…
Using https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/calculator/zec?HashingPower=150&HashingUnit=H%2Fs&PowerConsumption=150&CostPerkWh=.08&MiningPoolFee=1
it is saying that a single 1050 will get you about $15 a month, using current pricing.
Depending on how much hardware you still need to buy, it could take a while to earn back that money.
Also note, in a couple of months it is rumored that the new Nvidia cards will be coming out. When that happens, I’m sure many people will upgrade, and many older cards will flood the used market.