Warm cables - 3 GTX 1050TI without 6 ex pins

I have 3 GTX 1050TI.But now i have problem with warm cables,1 GPU
connected by SATA 6 pin,two by direct MOLEX 6pin. 6pins are in PCIE slot in
PSU. GPUs dont have 6 ex pin for powering and Risers are molex.

out of curiosity , what is your PSU brand and model ?
and also does each riser have its own wire from PSU or are they shared somehow .

Smart SE 530W, Molex 6 pin from PSU have connected two riser,and other SATA have connected one riser.

thank you for reply .

is there any chance to make them use separate cables ? and also the sata to be molex ?

One risers using SATA to MOLEX which is connected by 6 pin in PSU PCIE slot,and other cable using 6 pin in PCIE on PSU which is MOLEX is connected to two others risers.

for the sata to molex , its highly recommended not to do that , its fire hazard . I am no expert in this but it has been discussed many times in this forum and on others as well .

as far as I know ,its recommended is either to connect sata directly to the riser (if the riser has sata plug ) . or use direct molex .

and regarding the 2 shared molex powering the other risers , it should be fine . its just this gtx1050 has no power intake and it uses all the power from the pci slot .
this card rated at around 75 watts so both of them will take 150 watt and maybe the riser itself might draw some more ( I am not sure about this ) . and I believe 150 watt on one molex cable is alot . so that’s why I suggested to separate them, so that each riser has its own cable from the psu .
this will surely reduce the load on the cable by 50% .

again I am not expert on electricity stuff . I am just saying what I think why your cables are getting warm .

I have rig with gtx 1060 and the riser has sata plug and the card have 6pin power . but I am limiting it to 85 watt most of it come from the 6pin to the card directly and rest from the sata . so no strain there on cables .
same goes for gtx1080ti it has 8pin and 6pin directly to cable and molex connected to the riser . thats 3 cables delivering 220 watts . and no problem there .

you have only 1 cable delivering more than 150 watt by itself . and sata to molex connector which is not recommended to do .

Ok thank you for information,are yours cables cold?

I advise to separate the cables and not to use the sata to molex convertor .

you could probably do that easily with your PSU . and if you lack cables you might think of changing your risers to different ones .

I have those ones from amazon and they have all three connectors to chose from . they work without any problem and all cables are cold .

Yes but i am scare because card dont have 6ex powering so i dont if is possible to take 75W from SATA connections.

thats why I advised to change your risers to others that have all three power connectors to choose from if your PSU lack some cables

you might have extra 2 molex cables in your psu ( thats why you did sata to molex in the first place )

this way you won’t use the sata and use molex directly to the risers.